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NOW AVAILABLE! On-line Mortgage Application

On-line Mortgage Application
Start your application process today!

An Important Update for Our Members: COVID-19

Please Click the link for an Important update for our members on coronavirus (COVID-19).

WCCU Ray Branch has MOVED!

We are very excited to annouce that our WCCU Branch in Ray, ND has officially moved!

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Important Tip for 2020:

As we dive into the year 2020, try to remember to write out the entire year 2020, rather than just 20 on your checks or important documents. 

NEW: Personalized Debit Cards!

With our new Picture My Card feature, you can show off your favorite photos on your debit card! 


Complete control over your card. Anytime. Anywhere with the MOBIMONEY APP!

Remote Deposit Anywhere FAQs

WCCU is excited to announce that we now offer remote deposit! Click here for more info.