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WCCU Secure Message Center

Western Cooperative Credit Union (WCCU) and its affiliated companies take the security of your private information very seriously. We take many measures to protect your personal information, including the Secure Message Center (

What is the WCCU Secure Message Center (

  • It's a service for our business partners and members to communicate securely with WCCU representatives.
  • It offers secure messaging through a secure (SSL) Internet connection, with no additional software required.
  • Provides a secure method for business partners and members to receive and compose encrypted/secure messages to or from a WCCU representative.
  • Protects email communication and ensures that your sensitive information remains confidential.

Using the WCCU Secure Message Center (

  • To register for an account - Visit the log in page ( and click on "Register". Follow the instructions to create a password.
  • To View a message - Log in at ( and click on the "Inbox" tab to read incoming messages.
  • To send a message - Log in at ( and click on the "Compose" tab. From there, you can compose a message (up to 10MB in size) to a WCCU representative.

Are there any restrictions on how I can use my Secure Messaging Center account?

Yes. If you attempt to send an email to a non-WCCU account, your email may not pass through the email security filter and may result in termination of your account.

For more Information

Email us at

Visit the Secure Message Center ( and use the online help section.


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