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Important Tip for 2020:

Author: Alexa Mae Asperin

New year, new date!

We’re only two days into 2020, but authorities have already issued a warning on why you shouldn’t be abbreviating the new year.

The warning: Don’t write the date 1/2/20.

Instead, write out 2020 in full, so it looks like this: 1/2/2020.

Authorities say the date is easily changeable and could ultimately be used against you.

This is the only year it can be done. Since this is the 21st century, all dates start with “20.” By abbreviating the date, someone could simply add numbers after your “20” and change the year.

For example, “1/2/20” could easily become “1/2/2018” or “1/2/2021.”

After this year, you can go back to abbreviated years because the two-digit ending numbers to the year will always be in the far future (“1/2/21,” for example).

One police department also issued a similar warning on social media, saying the advice “should be considered when signing any legal or professional document.”